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TriCore Solutions Appoints Mark Clayman as CEO

During a period of tremendous company growth, Clayman emphasizes the importance of business enablement through managed application services with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction 

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How to Create Confidence in Your Organization’s Business Solutions

By Gina Murphy, EVP Sales Enablement and Strategy, TriCore Solutions

Sales cycles vary from business to business, but what remains universal is this: you only get one first face-to-face meeting so you need to make it count. Here are Seven Steps to help close sales efficiently and quickly.

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Big Data Becomes Fast and Accelerated with IoT

By Mark Clayman, President and COO of TriCore Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to be an internet of devices where the information gathered enables us to do new things.

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Actifio Puts Off IPO

TriCore's Partner - Actifico - Puts off IPO.


TriCore Solutions is a service provider using Actifio. TriCore operates its own cloud, delivers consulting services to enterprises, and is well-known for supporting Oracle (ORCL) solutions both on-premise and in its own cloud. President and COO Mark Clayman says TriCore has been using Actifio with several clients, primarily for disaster recovery and backup. He’s a fan of the solution. “Actifio is a great company,” Clayman tells us. “We like their solution. They have additional features beyond disaster recovery and backup that are potentially very interesting to us.”

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Selling Outsourced Business Analytics to a CFO

Posted By: Gina Murphy

managed service provider
It is often the employees under the CFO who work with data most frequently and who have most data analysis talent within their organizations. In addition, CFOs have vested interest in how their data can be used to improve efficiencies within the organization, not to mention how they can be leveraged to reduce costs

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TriCore Solutions Acquires Group Basis to Offer Managed Services for Top ERP Solutions

By Laura Stotler - TMCnet Contributing Editor

Two managed services experts are combining their forces to create joint managed offerings for SAP (News  - Alert) environments. TriCore Solutions, which specializes in application management, has acquired Group Basis, a provider of SAP managed services. 

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TriCore & Tableau Get Together on Simplifying Data Analysis

TriCore Solutions and Tableau Software, meanwhile, are getting together to help make analytics tools more accessible to the enterprise user and, thus, more likely to be put to work.