Selecting and implementing a new software application to run your business is an important decision to make.  Among many factors, this decision is based on an analysis of your expected ROI from an integrated system that will provide processes and the ability to have real time access to key information.  Once the implementation is done, you need to protect that investment.  That is whereTriCore Solutions comes in. We offer services to maximize applications performance (Oracle Technical Managed Services) and maximize end user performance - Business Application Support (BAS). BAS is your remote Oracle Applications ‘Superuser’ that supports your business users with issues and questions as they relate to the Oracle Applications.  

As software applications continue to progress, they become more tightly integrated and require a broader knowledge of the functionality across the business areas.  This can often times have a negative effect on your expected ROI by:

With TriCore Solutions BAS, your IT department can offer a quick response to your business users while still focusing on strategic initiatives.  TriCore Solutions BAS is a fully outsourced or complimentary service designed to address business support.

TriCore’s BAS Services delivers on-going support of your Oracle EBS Production Environment

Oracle Applications Support

TriCore has assembled a dedicated team of experienced individual’s whose collective   knowledge covers the entire suite of Oracle Applications.

Resources working your issues 24x7x365 to provide a quicker resolution
Business Analysis: Our support team includes individuals with knowledge of the Oracle Applications, but our team also includes individuals with years of industry experience.  This enables us to provide applications trouble shooting, as well as business process shooting

Oracle EBS Professional Services Overview

TriCore’s Oracle EBS Professional Services includes three focus areas