It is important to choose a business partner that transforms your SAP environment to a business enable vs. a business constraint. At TriCore we offer flexibility, personal commitment and cost-effectiveness. Our no-nonsense, straight forward approach is what contibutes to our extremely high customer satisfication rate. We provide

At TriCore our service is designed to help you maximize the returns on your investment in SAP while driving down support costs.  Together, we make this vision a realitywith focus and flexibility. Our team of experts understand you and your business and share the same goal of service excellence.

TriCore Support ensures you get results whether you require:

We work to strenghten your capabilities. TriCore understands the demands placed on internal support teams to maintain and improve their SAP business platform. To be “world class” your SAP support team needs to deliver continuous operational support, business-driven application enhancements, effective system procedures and a mid-to-long-term strategic vision.

Our experience has shown that there are four essential roles your SAP support team needs to perform – whether via internal, external or a combination of resources:

Our Goal is to Ensure an Effective Partnership

Knowledge, trust and continuity are key to a successful partnership.

TriCore’s services include a large and focused team of highly skilled professionals. They are experienced in all aspects of the SAP product suite and have real business expertise from all industry sectors. They truly understand the practical challenges and questions that your internal support team and users face, whether technical or functional.

With a friendly, consultative approach, TriCore works with you as a trusted advisor in support of your current and future system needs. True partnership is built upon a strong relationship where we can offer you continual guidance and help to support your longer term business and system objectives.

Operational Support

This ensures the system is always available to users and supports the day-to-day requirements of the business. If you get this wrong, it’s the first area where the business feels the pain.

Policing the System

A successful SAP system demands discipline and procedures to function effectively; add to that different time zones, languages and local issues and the complexity increases exponentially.

Developments and Enhancements

The business will have a regular stream of improvement requests to support operational changes. Inability to deliver will create frustration and a sense of stalling in the improvement process.

Identifying Medium / Long-term Improvements

SAP and complimentary vendors continue to release solutions that extend the value chain across the enterprise. You need to consider these improvement opportunities in line with your strategic growth objectives.

Continuous Quality Assurance

The whole emphasis of TriCore’s Support is built on working with your company to ensure your goals are met and you achieve the greatest return on your investment in SAP.

Dedicated Service Delivery Consultants

Every TriCore client has a dedicated Service Delivery Consultant (SDC) who provides a focal point for communication and quality assurance. They will proactively identify and resolve any problems and ensure our services continue to meet your needs as your business circumstances change.

Regular Performance Reviews

To ensure the highest levels of service delivery, we constantly monitor our performance on your behalf. Detailed monthly reports on all incidents, trend analyses plus Service Level Agreement (SLA) reporting ensure delivery to agreed standards.


TriCore: Ensuring the success of your SAP system

We will advise on the best ways to support your implementation, organize your team and implement best practice procedures. We can take the pressure off you by being available to cover any or all of these roles.

Our Support Services provide the essential expertise you need to exploit the strategic gains, “quick wins” and tactical improvements of your SAP business platform, with minimal disruption to your business.

Added Value Services

We offer a range of services designed to help develop your existing SAP environment:

On-site Support

We can provide fast, efficient and flexible resources to work with you on-site and transfer skills to your team in the process.

Remote Support

System issues will arise which your internal team may not be able to resolve. The ability to log an incident call with an external support team staffed by SAP experts can greatly increase the productivity of your own people.

Ad-hoc Support

Immediate requests for ad-hoc requirements often prove difficult to cover internally. We can resource you up or down as needed without the need to carry resource inefficiencies.

User Training

Refresher courses for existing staff or initial training for new staff members can be provided to ensure that people new to your business learn how to get the best from your SAP investment

Technology Road Mapping

Our experienced Solution Architects are available to help you navigate the fast paced world of SAP Innovation. Whether you are looking to simplify your current landscape or to understand how your business can benefit from technology enhancements, we will be able to assist.

Coverage for Absence

Replacing, training and retaining staff with the appropriate, current SAP skills can prove difficult. As virtual team members we can cover these issues on a temporary or permanent basis, providing continuity to your business.

Off-site / Outsourced

As a full provider of SAP support services we can provide fully outsourced support services providing total peace of mind that all elements of you SAP landscape is in safe hands.