Q? Do you fix-bid projects?

A. Yes. We can fix-bid implementations, hardware migrations, upgrades, and Basis support. We have an extensive methodology to manage costs and ensure successful project management.

Q? Can you support our third-party software products?

A. Yes. Among our current base of clients, we support a wide variety of operating environments, and we have acquired expertise in a spectrum of third-party software products.

Q? Do you work with companies that have existing Basis personnel?

A. Absolutely. Most of our clients have some level of internal SAP resources. We view our services as an extension of our client’s internal team. Together, our combined capabilities ensure our client operates as a best-run business.

Q? What if we have an emergency during a holiday or off-hours?

A. Our Managed Services Operations team is available 24X7.

Q? Do you perform any “functional” or ABAP support in SAP systems?

A. Currently, we focus primarily on Basis and Netweaver-related services. We have working relationships with other SAP Business Partners with functional and programming expertise that we are able to recommend.

Q? Do you ever go on-site to your clients?

A. The primary services that we offer are provided remotely. We often are on-site at our client locations for project implementations, kickoffs, security testing, training and other client requirements.

Q? Do you host SAP systems?

A. Yes. TriCore provides hosting services of SAP systems for clients throughout North America.

Q? What is your relationship with SAP?

A. We are a certified SAP Partner with the ability to license SAP Analytics, SAP Database & Technology, and SAP Mobility products. We also collaborate with other SAP Partners for additional SAP products and services that complement our offerings.