certified sap partner

With SAP Upgrades, it’s the preparation that matters…

The TriCore team uses PMI certified project management disciplines to provide you with a rapid, fixed-bid, flexible roadmap that eliminates the headaches and costs of upgrades. We’ve baked over 12 years of experience into our project estimating tools. Nothing missed, our estimates are more accurate. We also verify backups and confirm a restore point, so we can always get back to a complete prior version.

You’ll Get All the Alternatives.

Many people merely follow the SAP prescribed sequence, dragging you needlessly through interim updates on your way to a future sync point. With TriCore, we will present you with all the alternatives. If there is a safe, proven way to move more quickly, you’ll get those alternatives. In one case, this lead to saving a client over $20,000 in needless interim upgrades.

Cost-effective, fixed-fee deliverables.

Our experience allows us to deliver on unreasonably short timeframes (aren't they all) and at a fixed price. No surprise billing, no hidden costs. You can scope the price of the upgrade and deliver ECC efficiencies and functionality in a reasonable timeframe.

Unicode included.

We also have deep Unicode conversion experience and can move you expeditiously to the SAP-mandated encoding for all future NetWeaver implementations. Those of you still on legacy systems, we have you covered…

Upgrade Completion Notes, Performance and Security Risk Assessment

We close out every upgrade by validating the upgrade for you through SAP. Upon completion of the upgrade, you will receive test results, all issue logs, and an initial assessment of potential performance and security issues in your system configuration. Lock it down, tune it up, and leverage new features with TriCore.

The TriCore team of experienced SAP consultants participated in some of the first ECC 6.0 upgrades in North America. Our upgrade strategies for SAP utilize PMI certified project management disciplines and leverage past project planning experience to provide you with a rapid, fixed-bid, flexible roadmap. TriCore will deliver success.