Data Recovery & Business Continuity

tricore business data recovery

Does your organization understand the real cost of losing data? Do you have a plan in place should disaster hit your organization? Disasters such as a natural disaster, a server crash, or an employee error or data corruption never occur at a convenient time and planning for them is often an afterthought. Downtime can impact your company’s reputation and you need a plan in place to recovery quickly.

Organizations continue to face growing downtime risks despite considerable investment in data protection measures. Downtime costs for mission critical applications range from $10,000 – $70,000 per minute. 

TriCore’s Managed Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Services offer you the peace of mind and protection you need to get near real-time recovery. All of our services are delivered with the TriCore Trusted Promise.

TriCore’s Managed Disaster Recovery Services provide several disaster recovery options including backup, failover, standby, and remote mirroring.  Our team of experts will assess your needs and propose a solution that puts your recovery point objective and recovery time objective to within an hour of real-time production.