What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Services:

It is always gratifying when your customers are happy with your services. We have been receiving positive feedback and the appreciation fuels the fire within the teams to continue to improve and provide the best service possible.


Service Excellence:

“This Oracle upgrade project was quite challenging and had numerous stops and starts over the years.  Many roadblocks surfaced, such as the need to decommission Oracle Names Servers, etc., which was a large undertaking as well.

I want to acknowledge Wenlong Wang, Jeff Bruce, Brian Cote, Rob Figenbaum, Geoff Walker, and the Tricore team, each playing a different role in this project along with the corresponding sub-projects. Thanks again!”

Al Doyle- Director, Software Engineering, Vicor Corporation

“I didn’t get a chance to say this before, but please thank the team for their hard work this past weekend. We had some unfortunate issues, unrelated to TriCore, that overshadowed the “success” of the project, and we have been recovering from that all week. Nevertheless, thanks for all the hardwork from the team this weekend!”

Hower Muhlstein- Director of Infrastructure Services

India & Atrium Medical Corp “Unfortunately, communication to senior management from your customers is far too often critical in nature, or to note a complaint. My message to you today is quite the opposite. I commend the TriCore staff for their excellent & diligent work on Atrium Medical’s yearly cloning and patching endeavors. Before we started, I stressed to your team how critical it was that we complete the backups, clones, and patching according to an inordinately strict timetable and that we had very little room for error. As always, the teams followed through like the consummate professionals they are. The teams managed by your staff came through like super-stars for me, answering every e-mail and ticket update immediately and with the highest meticulousness & professionalism. The entire team of DBA’s and support staff went above and beyond in their support of our critical work. A job this well done deserves to be acknowledged.”

Bob Kuechler- Oracle Database Administrator Information Systems

"I received a call from the Level 1 Help Desk to install IE9 on my machine.  It is required for me because I support Salesforce.com. The call was very well handled.  He was very courteous, easy to understand, and really took good care of me!  He called me to explain what he had been asked to do, then went on using Team Viewer, and explained he would be calling me back shortly. Called me back, completed the install, and then reviewed everything to make sure it all worked. Very nice, professional, asked me, if I had questions. Since I know we have given you much “agida” over the HelpDesk , I thought you could use this little tidbit of news !!   Thanks Greg for your work to make this a better solution!!

Maryanne Humphrey-Manager Information Technology

One of my best decisions in 2014 was to select you all as a partner. Your team is great to work with as we plan and execute many technical changes. I look forward to 2015 with the comfort that I have your team to support us.

William Berry, Director of Information Technology

“Please extend my appreciation to your team for a job well done.  I know this was a challenging upgrade, given the lack of a test environment and documentation.  They hit it out of the park on the first attempt.” We sincerely appreciate the role of each team member in the success. Keep up the good work!!”

Jeffrey Richter-Senior Oracle Database Administrator