TriCore’s Managed Application Services

IT Applications are at the heart of your business. They are the core of what drives your organization, keeps mission critical functions running and they need to be available and up to date at all times. Your IT team needs to ensure that these applications function flawlessly to avoid and minimize costly downtime.

Examples of professional IT applications include your ERP, Analytics, and more. It could be Oracle E-Business Suite, SAP, Oracle PeopleSoft, Fusion Middleware or OBIEE Regardless of the module – CRM, Financials, HRMS, Supply Chain or Order Management – it is imperative that these applications are optimized, tuned and updated consistently to ensure the highest business efficiencies for you and your organization.


A professional and seasoned managed application provider can support you every step of the way. Services often provided as an extension of your IT team often include:

planning for successful project outcome


Planning is key for your project’s outcome. Poor planning can lead to unforeseen issues during or after implementation. It is best to carefully review business requirements, attach resources to the plan, create an architectural diagram for the proposed environment and host project calls daily or weekly.

application migration services


Business continuity is an important part of the migration process. Minimize downtime and business interruption by following best practices during migration.

implement erp system


Setting up a brand new ERP system can be a painful process. A seasoned implementation team can easily alleviate those pain points.

24/7 monitoring


Monitoring is a critical part of any managed application. It will provide timely alerts to the responsible support team and help prevent outages before they even occur.

application performance review

Performance Tuning

Every application will require regular performance reviews. Timely performance tuning can speed up batch processing and ensure month end and year end processing jobs are completed consistently.

database patching support


Applications and databases require patching from time to time. Advance planning and applying recommended/critical patches fixes issues that could cause business interruption.

keep business data secure


Security is a very important part of business data and almost all applications provide out of the box capability to enable security. The out of the box security options are enough for many businesses but some need more advanced features. Oracle offers an advanced security option and can encrypt data using Wallet. Use of the Credit Card Encryption feature assists with your compliance with the cardholder data protection requirements of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard, and with Visa's Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP). The Visa program is based on the PCI Data Security Standard.

application auditing service


Auditing is the monitoring and recording of selected users' actions. It can be based on individual actions, such as the type of SQL statement executed, or on combinations of factors that can include user name, application, time, and so on. Security policies can trigger auditing when specified elements are accessed or altered, including the contents.

a/b application testing

Application Testing

Adequate Application Testing is crucial for every topic mentioned above. Proper testing, Documentation and Issue/resolution Log gives your project a much higher chance of being successful.

Businesses face considerable challenges in keeping their applications aligned with their business strategies. Environments have become more complex, skilled people are harder to find, budgets are under constant scrutiny and the pressure on the business to remain competitive is never ending. TriCore can help you reap the full benefits of your application investments while giving you increased agility, controlling your costs, and enhancing your end users’ experience. Whether it is on premise or hosted in the cloud. TriCore can help you make the best decision for your business.

Minimize Downtime and Business Interruption with Managed Applications from TriCore Solutions

TriCore’s Managed Application Services solution is a completely outsourced support model and is available for: