Turn Your Big Data Into Business Intelligence and Analytics

Take advantage of highly skilled analytics talent without the cost.

What is the Value of BI to Your Organization?

•Reduce Reporting Overhead
•Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your data
•Identify key investment metrics

TriCore Solutions simplifies and streamlines the Analytics Process.  We help you find meaningful patterns in your data that help you discover efficiencies within your business that enable you to predict and interpret information for faster improved business performance and results. 

Analyzing customer behavior is one of the most important goals of the Big Data game – the explosion of new data sources that are available today enables companies to gain insights that were not possible before. Business analytics are powerful tools to help improve business performance and turn data into insights for your company. The insight you gain helps you make better and faster business decisions to improve customer acquisition and retention, assess risk, reduce operational costs, or track key financial indicators.  It can, however, be a challenge to manage it and maintain Business Intelligence (BI) platforms and analytics internally.  By freeing your important and skilled resources from routine operational tasks, you will allow them to focus on strategic work and critical initiatives – where they can add the greatest value.

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TriCore will help you draw real-time and valuable insights from the growing mounds of data in your organization. We are experienced in tailoring solutions specific to our customer’s situation to help them get the most from their current business analytics investments.  We monitor and manage popular business analytics platforms from Oracle, Microsoft, TableauSAP, and Informatica  to help you manage costs, enhance business analytics functionality, and improve service levels – all delivered with the TriCore Trusted Promise


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TriCore’s Business Analytics service offerings include: