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Everyone has a Cloud option. Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud... Hosting? Is that different? What about this environment that I’ve invested so much money in already? When do I switch? Who can help who doesn't have a vested interest? TriCore.

We've been hosting SAP environments since 2006, and we understand the ins and outs of owned vs. outsourced capacity. Want someone who can come along side your team and help assess costs, benefits and risks? TriCore doesn't have a vested interest… except your interests.

Beyond making the choice, our real time SAP monitor – Basis Pulse – can give you integrated visibility as you transition to the cloud. So, transition divisions or countries or applications and maintain your SLA’s without a blip by partnering with TriCore.

We deliver SAP hosting and cloud services, with expert resources and solutions for our clients including:

So if you’re looking for SAP hosting, management of your SAP applications, or a remote SAP Basis team, TriCore can provide you a customized solution that suits your company’s needs, reduces expense, increases security and reliability, and boosts your ROI.

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