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Enterprise-Level Cloud Services

TriCore offers managed services for Amazon Web Services to give our customers the very best cloud infrastructure and application migration services. We provide monitoring, automation and management of our customer’s hosting environments to ensure maximum system uptime and top-level security. TriCore can set up a new environment or optimize your existing one for peak performance and scalability. Every business has unique AWS requirements, give your IT department a break by partnering with TriCore today.

24/7 Application Support

Our team is on hand 24/7 to assist with monitoring, response and resolution. We understand how important it is for our client’s hosting environments to be operating at maximum efficiency and do our best to make that a reality. We work together with all of our clients to put together customized SLA’s to get them peak performance at a cost they can handle. The AWS Management experts at TriCore have experience setting up and managing large-scale AWS environments. We will make sure to work in tandem with a client’s internal team to analyze application usage, fix existing issues to optimize your environment, plan for growth in the future and help with a migration to the AWS Cloud.

Custom Hosting Infrastructure

Giving TriCore the keys to your managed AWS environment will allow you to focus on your business. TriCore has the skill set to help your organization take full advantage of the cloud. We have years of traditional hosting experience and were one of the first application management providers who realized the power of the AWS Cloud. Our system engineers will design a custom infrastructure for your business that will fit seamlessly into your day-to-day operations. TriCore also makes it a mission to continually make improvements to our clients’ hosting environments so they can be sure they’re operating at peak efficiency.

TriCore Solutions goes beyond what traditional IT managed services offer with their AWS Managed Services. We have been able to provide custom AWS environments as IT Departments around the world are struggling to keep up with a dramatically changing industry. Our complete AWS Cloud solution starts with an understanding of your business’s core goals and works around them to build the perfect manage AWS hosting solution for you. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help get your hosting environment running on the AWS Cloud.

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