Hybrid cloud is changing the game for IT infrastructure. As public cloud adoption escalates, companies pivot from “Should I adopt public cloud?” to “How should I incorporate the public cloud into my existing on premise infrastructure alongside private cloud environments?”

TriCore simplifies the monitoring and management process by providing a comprehensive management of IT infrastructure.  TriCore monitors the availability, responsiveness, performance and state of all critical IT components including:

Network Management
Security Management
Server and Management
Storage Management
Operating Systems Management
3rd Party Cloud Management (AWS, Azure, O365)

As your company grows, it’ll be poised to better scale with end-to-end digitization already at the heart of your operations. Not only will a move to the cloud add functionality at your fingertips, it’ll lower costs to free up budgets for entirely new – and innovative – purposes, making better use of your company’s assets across the board.

 An investment today in your infrastructure needs of the future is a positive one, as long as you’re smart about your options now and the level of flexibility needed to make adjustments later. Having trusted advisors on hand to help you manage your IT infrastructure and ERP software helps alleviate the concern that you’ll be blindsided by developments that will alter your current system – because change is inevitable, it should be welcomed.With the right team and expertise at the helm, change can be embraced rather than feared.

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