In the News | Source: Virtualization Technology News and Information | Jan 3, 2017

TriCore Solutions 2017 Predictions: Looking Beyond the CMO for Digital Transformation

Mark Clayman, CEO of TriCore Solutions asks of 2017, who is responsible for digital transformation and driving the change forward? Roles and responsibilities will continue to shift as digital transformation comes to the forefront of your organization's priorities.

In the News | Dec 23, 2016

ERP News: The Top Seven ERP Trends for 2017

The cloud trend has wider ramifications in terms of potentially providing even more information sources to ERP, as well as more opportunities to make use of data, according to Mark Clayman, CEO of TriCore Solutions in Norwell, Mass.

In the News | Source: TechTarget | Dec 23, 2016

Unify adds hybrid communications platform for enterprises

Organizations still rely on ERP systems to run their business, and only 20% of respondents expect to migrate ERP systems to the public cloud in the next year. Organizations are taking a hybrid approach to their IT infrastructure by keeping business-critical apps on premises and moving other apps to the cloud, according to the survey.

In the News | Source: TechTarget | Dec 13, 2016

The Top Seven ERP Trends for 2017—and Beyond

The monolithic ERP systems of yesteryear are going the way of the dinosaur, and the future is bringing a growing number of enterprise system changes. Here are seven. Featuring Mark Clayman, CEO of TriCore Solutions.

In the News | Dec 8, 2016

Job description: SAP developer

About 80% of Fortune 500 companies use SAP, and 63% of all financial transactions in the world go through an SAP system, said Steve Woodgate, general manager for SAP practice TriCore Solutions, an IT consultant company.

In the News | Source: DZone | Dec 4, 2016

Executive Insights on Application and Data Security

To gather insights on the state of application and data security, we spoke with 18 executives who are involved in application and data security for their clients.