In the News | Source: Channelnomics | Apr 20, 2017

Channel Rundown - TriCore’s Partnership

Daily tech news and analysis channel partners need to know now, including FireEye's new platform, Dell's end users, Guidance Software's research program and more

In the News | Mar 24, 2017

What to Consider When Switching Service Providers: An MSP Tells All

There are ample reasons why a company may be looking for a new service provider: customer satisfaction issues with the current provider, a move to a new ERP application or migrating to a cloud solution, to name a few. Whatever the reason, it is important to understand the pitfalls that can happen when making the switch.

In the News | Mar 14, 2017

AWS S3 outage: Channel partners mull redundancy options

"It does come down to a lot of the companies in the cloud don't fully understand what is out there and what is available," Robinson said. "If people were just aware of what they could do with S3, [the outage] would have been a nonissue for the majority of people."

In the News | Mar 3, 2017

6 Key Cloud Takeaways from Amazon’s S3 Outage

Companies utilizing AWS (or any cloud) for production workloads need to plan for outages just like they would on-premises. AWS has tremendous redundancy built into their infrastructure, but it is still susceptible to failure, as we witnessed.

In the News | Source: Forbes | Feb 8, 2017

Three Ways Digital Technologies Are Pushing New Limits

We're hearing -- on an almost nonstop basis -- that to survive in the coming months and years, organizations need to go digital. But what does this mean? Does it mean buying more technology?  Does it mean doing more with data analytics? Does it mean bringing in new skill sets?

In the News | Source: Information Management | Jan 27, 2017

Guiding ERP Principles for the Modern Enterprise

As enterprises continue to evaluate platforms and infrastructures they are challenged with choosing the right platform paired with the right support team to bridge the gap between raw data and improved business outcomes. By Wes Mauer, director of SAP operations at TriCore Solutions.