In the News | Sep 8, 2016

Should MSPs Offer SAP HANA and Oracle?

“From assessment and design to implementation and support, having a service provider who can manage end-to-end support for both Oracle and SAP can drive synergies,” says Gina Murphy, COO, TriCore Solutions, a multi-ERP cloud solution provider, “while minimizing need for additional in-house staff for each custom solution.”

In the News | Source: DZone | Aug 29, 2016

The Most Important Elements of Application and Data Security

1) Focus on the fundamentals; 2) identify best practices, frameworks, and architectures; 3) embed security in the SDLC; 4) be data centric; and, 5) test and monitor continuously. Based on feedback from several experts including TriCore’s own Peter Salamanca, V.P. of Infrastructure.