In the News | Source: Database Trends and Applications | Jul 11, 2016

TriCore Acquires SAP Certified Channel Partner

TriCore Solutions, an application management solution provider and an SAP-certified cloud hosting and SAP HANA managed service provider, is continuing its commitment to SAP by acquiring an SAP certified channel partner. By acquiring G3G, Inc., TriCore's customers will now have end-to-end SAP solution at their fingertips and the transaction with G3G, Inc. will more than double the size of TriCore's SAP practice.

In the News | Jul 1, 2016

TriCore Buys SAP Channel Partner (But Ask About Oracle, Too)

Is TriCore gearing up to wage war against Oracle partners? Not at all. In addition to TriCore’s SAP practice, the company has a similar focus in the Oracle ERP world — meaning that TriCore is a powerhouse player in two of the top business application markets

In the News | Source: Health IT Outcomes | Jun 3, 2016

Regulatory Compliance: Mistakes To Avoid And Strategies To Employ

When TriCore Solutions named Gina Murphy as the company’s Chief Operations Officer, expectations were she’d help the application management company ramp up its focus on meeting the stringent compliance requirements to ensure a high-performing delivery platform and, in turn, enable its customers to meet challenging regulatory requirements across a number of industries.

In the News | Source: Business Solutions | Apr 5, 2016

What’s Driving The Need For Outsourcing And What Does The Future Hold

Almost anything can be outsourced, but is outsourcing in your best interests? And what results should you expect if you choose to go this route? In this exclusive interview, Mark Clayman, CEO and President of TriCore Solutions, looks at the past, present, and future of outsourcing, as well as best ways to capitalize on it.

In the News | Source: InfoWorld | Mar 28, 2016

The road to success: Tech leaders tell all

By Paul Heltzel

To get to the top of the org chart, you'll need more than basic dev skills. Today's head honchos offer their wisdom on getting ahead.

In the News | Source: CIO Review | Mar 22, 2016

Hybrid Cloud

By Mark Clayman, CEO and President

Changing the Hybrid Cloud Through Status Quo

In the News | Source: Channelnomics | Mar 17, 2016

Make new friends, but keep the old

By Scharon Harding, Channelnomics

MSP talks partnering with new types of players thanks to cloud.

In the News | Source: Information Management | Mar 17, 2016

Change Management: Building a Case for Cloud-Based ERP

By Gina Murphy, COO

Whether you’re considering the transition to a new, formal ERP system altogether, moving from one ERP system to another, upgrading your ERP system, or migrating your existing system to the cloud, having the right tools – talent and technology – leading the charge will make a world of difference on your journey.