In the News | Source: Data Center Post | Jul 22, 2014

Data Center Post

Gina Murphy, Executive Vice President, Sales Enablement and Strategy for TriCore Solutions, says:

TriCore Solutions has partnered with Datalytics Technologies to now provide customers with a scalable cloud-based enterprise Hosted Business Intelligence Solution utilizing RapidDecision EDW.  RapidDecision EDW is Datalytics’ flagship data warehouse solution, to help customers organize and manage massive volumes of disparate and cryptic data into valuable business analytics.

Organizations that are looking for ways to simplify the process of getting information out of ERP systems and other applications into the hands of their key decision makers will benefit from this offering.  This is a complete Hosted BI Solution that includes an ETL Tool, a leading BI tool, any 3 commercially available data marts and installation including standard pre-built reports and dashboards.  It is prebuilt for Oracle ERP systems and delivers the most complete, real-time view of business information, enabling employees to confidently make informed business decisions based on data they can trust. Of significant importance, TriCore can implement this solution in as few as 10 days per subject area and at a fraction of the cost of other options.

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