In the News | Source: VMblog | Dec 17, 2014

Hybrid Cloud SLAs will be the Number #1 Customer Request in 2015

The hybrid cloud is now the new normal in cloud computing. The whole point of a hybrid cloud is to design and customize cloud capabilities that address your organization's unique needs. But today - service providers typically offer a one size fits all service level agreement. You need a service provider willing and able to customize the service level agreement to meet those unique needs of your organization so that you can take advantage of the flexibility, scalability, cost reductions, and resiliency that cloud computing offers. 2015 will be the year that customers demand customized SLAs.

Service Level Agreements (SLA) serve as a roadmap and a warranty for cloud services offerings. All cloud providers offer some type of standard, one-size-fits-all SLA that may or may not include the following, depending on your requirements:

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