Blog | Aug 2, 2012

Steps for Tackling BI or Big Data Projects

So you want to embark on a BI or Big Data project…but you don’t know how to approach it?  Adopting appropriate methodology from the beginning is critical to BI and Big Data engagements. Here are some of the key steps to ensure that you move successfully from inception through successful delivery...

Blog | Jul 2, 2012

Managed Monday: Making Sense of Oracle Platinum Services

Oracle recently announced that they will be offering Oracle Platinum Services for support which is being heralded as the highest level of service in the industry for the Exadata; Exalogic, SPARC Supercluster, and Oracle Cloud platforms.

Blog | Jun 8, 2012

When Your “Pain Points” Point to a Data Warehouse

A while back I read a great article entitled "If You Build It" by David McCann of CFO Magazine.  McCann wrote that: “No matter how much rigor a company may bring to it, building a data warehouse remains an act of faith. It can also entail a lot of pain. So what prompts a company to do it?

Blog | May 17, 2012

The Oracle BI Stack:  Buy or Build? How do you decide?

The Oracle Pre-Built Applications provide great value and best-practice design for many organizations that have an Oracle strategy. When making a decision to buy Oracle BI or the Pre-Built Applications as an existing Oracle eBusiness Suite Shop, here are a few factors to consider...

Blog | May 15, 2012

BI Managed Service Success Guidelines

Remote BI Managed Services is a viable alternative to supplementing the growing and ongoing support required to maintain a BI Platform.  Savvy BI managers will be able to realign their own BI support and development staff to focus on regaining a strategic business advantage.  It is critical to understand what tasks can be outsourced, and what tasks must remain within the BI team.

Blog | May 10, 2012

How much could you save? New BI Managed Services ROI Calculator

Are you overwhelmed with the day-to-day responsibilities — and cost — of keeping your organization's Business Intelligence infrastructure up and running? You're not alone.  We encounter many clients whose reports and analytics have become mission critical, yet their environments are managed reactively instead of proactively.  The costs of maintaining a full-time BI staff are high.  Often there is a jack-of-all-trades administrator who manages the BI or Data Warehouse...and it's problematic when he or she goes on vacation, or even worse, leaves the company.

Blog | May 7, 2012

Information Delivery:  Providing the Right BI Tools for Your Users

I was looking through some old materials from when I attended the CT Technology Council’s 2010 CIO Forum and ran across my notes from Gartner Analyst Kurt Schlegel’s presentation "Five Recommendations for Your BI Strategy."  Schlegel offered a lot of insight into what makes a successful BI organization and the importance of a performance-driven culture – a theme which I find even more relevant today.

Blog | Apr 26, 2012

So you want to implement Business Intelligence “Best Practice?”

Since 2007, Business Intelligence has gained significantly more traction than it had in years prior, largely due to technology advances, vendor consolidation, better marketing and the economic collapse.   Particularly as companies started noticing the economic trouble on the horizon, a dramatic change happened:  executives who previously had been content to consider BI solutions without any sense of urgency began to demand a solution to the age old problem of getting timely, valuable information from the systems that ran their business.