Blog | Oct 31, 2014

Vacation Rules Are Not Just for Vacation Anymore!

Posted by:  Donna Martin, TriCore Applications Support Analyst

Did you know that the “Vacation Rule” functionality in Oracle is simply a method for automatically forwarding requests for approval from one recipient to another?  Similar to setting up an “out of office” email response, Oracle will forward requests for workflow approvals to another recipient as designated in the Vacation Rule.  

Blog | Oct 31, 2014

Oracle 12c for Pro Newbies : The Installation

Posted By: Ankur Raina

Before you proceed with the installation of Oracle 12c on Linux, you should first try to fulfill all the prerequisites that the software demands from you.

Blog | Sep 22, 2014

Oracle Access Manager 11g with EBS R12– An overview

Posted By: Amit Raghuvanshi

OAM is a web access management system that provides a single, secure point of entry where a user’s identity can be verified and access to the enterprise resources can be managed. As a comprehensive identity management and access control system, it has simplified user access across different applications.

Blog | Sep 16, 2014

Debunking 9 Misconceptions about Outsourcing IT-Part 2

Posted By: Gina Murphy 

MSPs also proactively manage their applications and infrastructure. This means that they can often tell when something could go wrong before it does and then take the correct steps to either fix or prevent the issue from happening. This proactive pays off in the long run because it saves you from costly downtime.

Blog | Sep 15, 2014

Debunking 9 Misconceptions about Outsourcing IT

Posted By: Gina Murphy

One of the best solutions you have at your disposal is to outsource IT however many organizations may have some preconceived beliefs about outsourcing and are unsure of the outcome. Here are nine misconceptions about outsourcing IT that can help you with your due diligence.