Blog | Jul 16, 2013

Assembling the Right Team

Posted by Alan Markey, Principal Consultant

Role descriptions and responsibilities may vary from Organization to Organization, but when assembling your project team it is important to make sure the right resources and skill sets are represented to help ensure a successful SharePoint implementation.

Blog | Jun 19, 2013

How Secure is your Environment?

Posted by Mike Williams, Director of Product Management

With 355 Billion malware emails being sent and cyber-attacks tripling over the past year, what steps are you taking to make sure your data is safe from both external hackers as well as internal activity?

Blog | Jun 18, 2013

Outsource your BI?  It’s more of a reality than you might think

Posted by Mike Williams, Director of Product Management

A business intelligence solution is an important part of a company’s success.  A solid BI program will allow them to analyze data, quickly adjust to trends and budget appropriately, but this can be a complex and costly investment that turns more company’s away from it than attract them to it.  See how an outsourced, cloud-based solution can provide you with a solid BI program that can be managed and delivered easier, faster and most importantly at a lower cost!

Blog | Jun 12, 2013

TriCore @ HP Discover

Posted by Mike Williams, Director of Product Management

TriCore is at HP Discover this week in Las Vegas.  Here are a few words from our team members at the conference.

Blog | Apr 11, 2013

BI Best Practices Series (Part 6 of 6): Think Big, Start Small ...

What’s the Big Deal about Big Data? 

Big Data by name signifies the next generation in BI Platform capability.  The use case for big data has been around for years as organizations sought opportunities to analyze and mine non-traditional, less structured data such as weblogs, social media, email, machine sensors, photographs and video.  

Innovations in computing power and storage and decreasing costs have made it feasible to collect, store and analyze data.  Large solution vendors (IBM, SAP, Oracle, Teradata) together with industry analysts (Gartner Group, TDWI, Forrester Research) have heavily promoted the opportunities to be had with Big Data.