Blog | Jan 22, 2013

How To Process 1099s in Oracle Payables

Each January the subject of 1099 processing shoots to the top of the priority list for many AP Managers. Remembering exactly what was done the previous year typically is the first step. Your IT Department may have already downloaded the latest annual 1099 patches from Oracle for 1099 processing. To help pick up where you left off last year I have summarized the setup and processing steps below for ease of reference. For a deeper dive Oracle provides plenty of pertinent information and documentation for the 1099 process. The best place to visit is the Information Center here on the Oracle My Support site ( for what is new or for frequently asked questions.

Blog | Jan 2, 2013

Applications Monitoring – Creating a Smoother Financial Close

One of the key points in supporting our customers is to make sure they have a smooth month end close process.  Many of our customers have, in the past, identified issues that have caused them to have a longer than expected close process.  Many times the issues causing these delays are not visible, but are hidden behind the scenes.  We have put an applications monitoring process in place that helps to identify these hidden problems and allows us to be proactive in resolving them before the customer sees them.

Blog | Dec 18, 2012

12c EM Metric Extensions – An Alternate to UDM

Finally, I decided to join the blogging community. And, what better subject to write on than 12c EM. As some of you may know, 12c EM is the next version of Oracle’s monitoring software. Of particular interest to me is a feature – 12c EM Metric Extensions.

When it came to setting up monitoring of Oracle EBS environments, one of the challenges for us was configuring “out-of-box” monitoring in 10g/11g EM. One option is to configure specialized scripts (SQL/SH) for database and host targets. These type of metrics in 11g/10g EM where known as User Defined Metrics (UDM). UDM is widely used across all clients’ to monitor mainly EBusiness Suite targets like Concurrent Manager, Workflow Managers or Long Running jobs. However, one of the drawbacks of UDMs, in pre 12c EM releases, is that they were only applicable to host and database target types.

Blog | Dec 14, 2012

Fusion 11g - A Foundation for Innovation

Recently, Oracle has unveiled Fusion Middleware 11g, which is a one stop shop for all IT needs. Fusion Middleware 11g is built on four unique design principles:

  • Complete— you can work with a single, strategic partner for all middleware requirements

  • Integrated—your middleware is certified to work with your Oracle Applications, Oracle Database, and other Oracle products...

Blog | Dec 11, 2012

Do You Know SSO?

As an eBusiness Suite (EBS) Remote Managed Services group, we have been part of many Oracle Single Sign On (OSSO) solutions, implementing different architectural setups for our customers. Recently we implemented OSSO solution for one of our customers to integrate all EBS environments with central Single Sign On. On top of a vanilla implementation, the customer had a desire to login-less access to their EBS applications. We provided them a solution to use Window Native Authentication feature for login-less access to all their EBS applications. The customer was delighted to have WNA feature working for their environments. The customer was able to access their Oracle environments without an application login which saved lot of operation time. The successful completion of this project has encouraged to me share basic details about SSO.

Blog | Nov 30, 2012

Business Intelligence Revival

Howard Dresner is credited with coining the term Business Intelligence (BI) in 1989. A simple definition I like is – “using your data to run your business better”. Or, if you prefer, a more complete definition is "People, process, and technology required to turn data into information and information into knowledge and plans that drive effective business activity, gain business insight and achieve competitive advantage."

In the late 90's and early 2000's, BI climbed to the top of every CIO’s priority list. But unlike many other technology issues (ERP, Mobility, etc.), it has stayed at or near the top of the list.  As I deliver BI projects for a living, I am comforted by this and from seeing the value of some truly successful BI projects I know there is enormous value potential in BI done correctly. 

Blog | Nov 29, 2012

Default Trace – Unearthing A Hidden Gem

Last week as we were working on an issue being reported at one of our customer’s environment where the Data file of a Production database was growing at a very rapid pace. A daily process was failing because of this issue. As per the standards we were not allowed to set Auto-growth. We then decided that before this issue becomes more visible we proactively performed an RCA. This is where the default trace option of SQL Server came to our rescue and we were able to report the exact cause.

Blog | Oct 29, 2012

Five Good Reasons Why You Should Look at Oracle Engineered Systems

It is hard to believe it was already a few weeks ago that the TriCore team was out at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco.  There were thousands of Oracle applications and technology customers feverishly learning about “Oracle’s Next Big Thing”. Larry Ellison was very enthusiastic in his presentations to this enormous crowd, especially with the America’s Cup race happening in the same week.  It was fascinating to hear Larry Ellison talk about Oracle’s industry-leading application presence in the cloud and how Oracle Engineered Systems, Oracle Exadata and Oracle Database Appliance, have provided solid performance and reliability for these solutions...

Blog | Oct 19, 2012

My OOW 2012!

On the 6 hour plane ride back from Open World I couldn’t help thinking to myself - coolest Geek Fest ever! Sensory overload thanks to a mix of music concerts, delectable food, drinks (I was carded…), 50,000 people with red badges all over town, America’s Cup, 80 degree weather in San Francisco in October, ‘Twitterverse’ was on fire and on display on the big screens peppered around Moscone Center and Yerba Buena Gardens. As if, not just the Mayor of San Francisco but the heavens above were glad to have Oracle host OOW in SFO! The SFO Mayor did announce OOW will always be held at SFO. TriCore’s customer event was a great opportunity to see customers I have worked with for years in a fun setting and share a few drinks and laughs with. Our sales team did an awesome job as usual, taking care of our customers.

Blog | Oct 11, 2012

To Specialize or Not to Specialize? That’s the Question.

t Oracle OpenWorld last week, the folks heading up OPN (Oracle Partner Network) discussed the advantages of getting their employees specialized in the hundreds of technology products Oracle has either acquired or built organically over the last 5 years.   In fact, until recently Oracle had only offered specialization in a few key areas but since 2011 they have opened up this program to most technologies (see PDF below)...