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BI Best Practices Series (Part 4 of 6):  Think Big, Start Small ...

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Best Practices in BI: Think Big, Start Small.  Ensuring a Successful BI / Big Data Project

Part 4 of 6: Organizational Readiness

Is your organization ready for BI? 

The question is not simply answered as “yes” or “no” with some further information.  Recall the definition for Business Intelligence above as “People, Process and Technology.  An organization must be well balanced in all three phases.  Business Intelligence programs may be technically successful but considered an overall failure if demonstrable cost savings or ROI cannot justify investment in Business Intelligence.  Think about this statement.

Conceptually, organizational behavior is a predictor with regards to success or failure for the BI program.  This is demonstrated in the diagram below, which shows several areas where an organization can be examined or profiled.  These areas are well-documented within the BI industry as survey results indicating success criteria.  No single area  can be a predictor of success or failure, however an Organizational Readiness Profile can be an early indicator of risk to success. 

Industry success profiles   Kevin Blog Part 4

The concept is similar to many areas of success coaching - the quickest road to success is modeling those successful characteristics or behaviors of folks that are successful!  Same principle applies here.

To explain the concept a bit better, consider the results from the chart image below.


 Level of Sponsor Commitment   Kevin Blog Part 4


The data above is just a single indicator or behavior exhibited by organizations.  There are dozens of them.  Collectively however, these can be considered an Organizational Profile that can be compared to other Industry profiles proven successful.

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