Blog | May 15, 2012

BI Managed Service Success Guidelines

Chris BarbantiRemote BI Managed Services is a viable alternative to supplementing the growing and ongoing support required to maintain a BI Platform.  Savvy BI managers will be able to realign their own BI support and development staff to focus on regaining a strategic business advantage.  It is critical to understand what tasks can be outsourced, and what tasks must remain within the BI team. 

Part of this understanding will require knowledge of how the BI team currently divides their time – what percentage will the BI team perform Business and Data Analysis, Design and Development, Performance Tuning and Optimization and general Support.  Start with the tasks easily identified as being outsourced, and continuously work with your managed service partner to establish a proper balance to the team's resource plan portfolio.

Some success guidelines that are important to understand in order to avoid some of the "gotcha's" are: 

  1. A solid transition plan for the outsourcing partner.  The plan will include:
    • Definition of the kinds of activities that will be outsourced
    • Precise and complete design documentation with an approval process
    • Carefully defined Service Level Agreements and escalation paths
    • A communication plan and workflow process for any development
  2. Successful software development outsourcing requires more preparation prior to implementation than operational support outsourcing, because design specifications must be thorough and highly accurate.
  3. In both operational support and software development outsourcing, an on-site representative from the outsourcing company can act as a liaison between the in-house team and the outsourced staff.
  4. The managed services partner will need to become familiar with the business.
  5. A Service Ticketing Application will be the controlling application for all service ticket status activities.  The application must be able to monitor activities and be available online.
  6. The managed service partner must assist by monitoring consumption, perform usage analysis, and offer suggestions to the client to maximize usage and cost

 The diagram below demonstrates a typical workflow diagram of Remote BI Managed Services:

Remote BI Managed Services Workflow Diagram

 For more details about Remote BI strategy and best practices, check out our free whitepaper and questionnaire download.