Blog | Oct 29, 2012

Five Good Reasons Why You Should Look at Oracle Engineered Systems

By: Jen McComas and Jeremy Pafundi

It is hard to believe it was already a few weeks ago that the TriCore team was out at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco.  There were thousands of Oracle applications and technology customers feverishly learning about “Oracle’s Next Big Thing”.

Larry Ellison was very enthusiastic in his presentations to this enormous crowd, especially with the America’s Cup race happening in the same week.  It was fascinating to hear Larry Ellison talk about Oracle’s industry-leading application presence in the cloud and how Oracle Engineered Systems, Oracle Exadata and Oracle Database Appliance, have provided solid performance and reliability for these solutions.

TriCore’s customers are starting to explore Oracle Engineered Systems as an alternative to multi-vendor database infrastructures.  Many of those customers are looking for help in building their internal cloud using these new systems. They feel that cloud based computing is becoming an inevitable part of IT Computing and now is the time to start. Many are asking why Oracle Engineered System? Will it help us save time and money and also help us increase our revenues?

Well, the answers are yes.  Here are 5 good reasons why you should look into Oracle Engineered Systems while planning your next infrastructure upgrade:

  1. Oracle Engineered Systems are pre-configured with all software required to support your applications:  OS and required patches for Oracle Software, Oracle Database, Oracle Real Application Cluster
  2. Oracle Engineered Systems are tuned at all levels, storage, OS, database, to ensure optimal performance of the Oracle database
  3. Oracle Engineered systems are configured for High Availability out of the box with RAC, ASM, redundant hardware components (power, cooling) build-in
  4. Oracle Engineered systems make maintenance easy with quarterly patch bundles tested by Oracle support to ensure problem-free, minimal downtime updates
  5. Oracle Engineered Systems provide a low price-point entry into the Oracle Database system, with pay-as-you-grow options that help customers control licensing costs

As you know Cloud Computing lets organizations do more with the infrastructure they already have.  Cloud computing by design is scalable, flexible and elastic, enabling companies the ability to leverage resources when needed.  

If you are interested in becoming part of the discussion and participating in a Q & A session on Oracle Engineered Systems, feel free to join us on November 1st at the Oracle facility in Burlington MA from 10-noon.  TriCore and Oracle will be reviewing the business challenges customers have around rolling out new applications and systems and how Oracle’s Database Appliance is helping customers save money and more importantly TIME!

To learn more in advance of this event go to Oracle’s website for more information to get you started: