Blog | May 10, 2012

How much could you save? New BI Managed Services ROI Calculator

John KorcakAre you overwhelmed with the day-to-day responsibilities — and cost — of keeping your organization's Business Intelligence infrastructure up and running? 

You're not alone.  We encounter many clients whose reports and analytics have become mission critical, yet their environments are managed reactively instead of proactively.  The costs of maintaining a full-time BI staff are high.  Often there is a jack-of-all-trades administrator who manages the BI or Data Warehouse...and it's problematic when he or she goes on vacation, or even worse, leaves the company.

As reliance on IT grows, providing the resources to support an increasingly complex IT environment - and make sure the CEO gets his daily numbers - may be daunting. I have seen clients who unfortunately fall behind and face even greater problems down the road that negatively impact their business.

Proactive monitoring services by BI experts can solve these headaches...but most people don't realize that they can actually save your organization money too.

How much could your organization save in yearly BI maintenance and administrative costs by choosing Managed Services?

The answer depends on many factors, including your system complexity, security needs, number of users, reports, and environments.  Input your criteria into our ROI Calculator below to find out!