Blog | Jan 22, 2013

How To Process 1099s in Oracle Payables


Each January the subject of 1099 processing shoots to the top of the priority list for many AP Managers. Remembering exactly what was done the previous year typically is the first step. Your IT Department may have already downloaded the latest annual 1099 patches from Oracle for 1099 processing. To help pick up where you left off last year I have summarized the setup and processing steps below for ease of reference.

For a deeper dive Oracle provides plenty of pertinent information and documentation for the 1099 process. The best place to visit is the Information Center here on the Oracle My Support site ( for what is new or for frequently asked questions.

The 1099 preparation steps are as follows:

1.     Set up the Query Driver for either INV or PAY (Setup > Tax > Reporting Entities)

 2.     Set up Suppliers to be reportable (Supplier > Entry, Tax Reporting tab)

 3.     Setup one Supplier site as the 1099 reporting site (Supplier > Entry, Site button, Tax Reporting tab)

 NOTE: All sites are reportable. This site is just the address to use on the 1099 form.

  4.     Ensure that the appropriate AP invoice lines are flagged appropriately (Invoices > Entry > Invoices)

 5.     Understand what will be considered 1099 reportable

 6.     Identify and resolve 1099 exceptions:

  7.     (Optional) Print a Tax Information Verification Letter for each supplier who has not yet furnished or confirmed its           tax identification number or tax reporting region (See: Tax Information Verification Letter)

  8.     Update 1099 Payment Information

  9.     Generate 1099 Reports