Blog | Jul 2, 2012

Managed Monday: Making Sense of Oracle Platinum Services

Oracle recently announced that they will be offering Oracle Platinum Services for support which is being heralded as the highest level of service in the industry for the Exadata; Exalogic, SPARC Supercluster, and Oracle Cloud platforms.

If you are currently running the Exadata, Exalogic, SPARC and Supercluster platforms,  (which account for less than 10% of worldwide Oracle installs) you would be classified as a qualifying Oracle customer who can take advantage of the no cost Platinum option as part of their standard Premier Support contract.   Any customer that is purchasing these premium-priced engineered systems should expect this level of service as part of their standard transfer cost and software associated with the platform.

Oracle Cloud is a topic unto itself as Oracle has never been able to convince customers and partners that the understand, or have any desire to embrace the pay-per-use pricing model. We are anxiously awaiting more details from Oracle on their Cloud pricing strategy.

If you are currently working or plan to work with a provider to help with your Oracle hosting, licensing and support models, you should consider how long the provider has been supporting and hosting Oracle including but not limited to:

It is equally important to understand your providers’ relationship with Oracle to help translate what the new releases mean to your current environment, help with licensing agreements, new support models as well as be your trusted advisor ensuring that you are getting the most for your money.