Blog | Oct 19, 2012

My OOW 2012!

Author: Pragati Gupta

On the 6 hour plane ride back from Open World I couldn’t help thinking to myself - coolest Geek Fest ever! Sensory overload thanks to a mix of music concerts, delectable food, drinks (I was carded…), 50,000 people with red badges all over town, America’s Cup, 80 degree weather in San Francisco in October, ‘Twitterverse’ was on fire and on display on the big screens peppered around Moscone Center and Yerba Buena Gardens. As if, not just the Mayor of San Francisco but the heavens above were glad to have Oracle host OOW in SFO! The SFO Mayor did announce OOW will always be held at SFO. TriCore’s customer event was a great opportunity to see customers I have worked with for years in a fun setting and share a few drinks and laughs with. Our sales team did an awesome job as usual, taking care of our customers.

If I had to sum up Open World in a few words (hear goes the geek) - IaaS, Exadata, Exalogic, Exalytics, Big Data, Cloud, Fusion, Multi-tenancy with 12c.

In the spirit of boiling down the deluge of information and knowledge, I decided to write a few things that my colleagues and I or any Oracle Apps DBA ought to know in 2012.

Major announcements from Larry Ellison. I must add that Larry’s keynote address was attended by what seemed like 5 football fields full of people (someone said 10,000 attendees!). Yes, think about how long it took us all to leave the room after the key note address ended!

  1. 12c – Multi-tenancy database. An enterprise can create multiple pluggable databases that reside in a single database container! Major improvement in terms of security and data integrity over Multi-tenancy at the application layer. To be released in 2013.
  2. Exadata X3 heuristic hierarchical mass memory (X3H2M2 for my fellow geeks) - Flash cache, faster than flash disk! 26 terabytes of DRAM  and Flash in on rack, keeps the hottest data in main memory in the server nodes, hot data on the flash modules and the least used data on 500TB of disk drives in the Exadata storage nodes. In Mr. Ellison’s own words - "If you thought the old Exadatas were fast, you ain't seen nothing yet". In addition to speed - Eighth rack of Exadata X3 has a list price of $200,000 (or lower depending on your negotiating skills). Big Data Meets Big Iron!
  3. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) using the Exa platform – Virtualized Compute and Storage Services.
  4. Oracle Managed Private Cloud - hosted at customer's data center vs public in the public cloud - Ideal offering for financial institutions.


Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

We at TriCore have been ahead of curve in implementing 12c Enterprise Manager for monitoring and performance tuning for our customers. There is a big push from Oracle to have their customers start using it for monitoring, performance tuning and Cloud control. has been released. Some new features -

‘Metric Extensions’ replace ‘User Defined Metrics’– Use your existing scripts to monitor what EM Jobs cannot do and eliminate the need for secondary monitors. TriCore has over 50 Metric Extensions in our Metrics extensions library to help customers achieve 360 degree monitoring of your environment. We can test metrics using a ‘Test Page’ and run real-time metric evaluation to eliminate bugs before deployment. You can now monitor URL availability by creating a Metric extension.


ASH Analytics - A new tool to explore the ASH (Active Session History) data that allows the administrator to rollup, drilldown, and slice or dice performance data across various performance dimensions. With the ability to create filters on various dimensions, identifying performance issues has never been easier. The built-in treemap view allows administrators to explore performance data using predefined performance dimension hierarchies.


Future of E-Business Suite

While Open World was abuzz with Fusion Applications (Release 5 in October), my big focus was to attend sessions on EBS R12. One important thing for me to know was EBS R12 is NOT on a terminal release with R12 release 2. ‘But please Oracle Gods can you release R12.2 already?’, ‘No!’ Find out why below -

  1. First some news for our 11i customers - There were noteworthy announcements regarding Support policies for E-Business Suite, good news for our 11i customers!  Oracle will provide an exception for the first 13 months of Sustaining Support on Oracle E-Business Suite Release, valid from December 1, 2013 – December 31, 2014. Extended Support period for E-Business Suite Release 12.1 has been extended by nineteen months through December, 2018. Customers with an active Oracle Premier Support for Software contract will automatically be entitled to Extended Support for E-Business Suite 12.1. For details please see Steven Chan’s Blogs or send me an email with question. I had the opportunity to meet Steven Chan at OOW, I read his blog often, so it was somewhat of a celebrity encounter!
  2. R12 Not going anywhere! - Oracle will continue to develop and support the E-Business Suite into the foreseeable future. Presently there is no intention to force all EBS customers to Oracle Fusion Applications. On the technology front R12.2 will come with Fusion MiddleWare 11g, basically WebLogic replaces OC4J and the 11gR2 database will offer improved performance via database result caching, Online Patching via EBR.
  3. R12.2 before 2014? Oracle Gods did confirm that they are working fast and furiously toward a 2013 release of R12.2. The reason for the extended release time is because of the extensive testing of new features like ONLINE PATCHING (yes, we are waiting with bated breath)! Online patching makes use of Edition-Based Redefinition (EBR) in the 11.2 database. This new functionality in the 11.2 database has required extensive bug fixes to make the online patching work as expected. The result will be a requirement to upgrade the target database to a yet unreleased version of 11.2.x ( or later. The online patching will support the entire applications Tech Stack as well as the applications module patches. The EBS application will only be offline during the ‘Cutover Phase’, downtime will be redefined as ‘Cutover’.
  4. That pesky Custom Code! - Custom code will be supported for online patching provided the code follows the new custom code standards. Oracle will release the code requirements as a white paper along with the release of R12.2. Included in the release of R12.2 will be a set of analysis scripts that will identify issues with a customer’s existing custom code. It will provide a report of the issues that will require manual tasks to resolve. Oracle expects that the upgrade to R12.2 will handle up to 80% of the required changes to custom code.
  5. What can you do to be ready? - Oracle recommends that all EBS customers upgrade to EBS R12.1 prior to the release of R12.2. There will be a direct upgrade option for customer’s that need to go from to R12.2 but this will still require 2 hops to complete the upgrade in one outage. First you will upgrade to R12.2 then you will need to complete a second set of tasks to enable the online patching feature.
  6. If you really must go to Fusion Apps… - Oracle’s suggested path to Oracle Fusion Applications for their existing EBS customers is to keep the EBS instance on the latest release. Then slowly extend the business solutions with Oracle Fusion App modules to augment the EBS functionality. The reason they suggest keeping the EBS instance on the latest version is because they are performing needed business model data transformations in the module family packs. Right now the Financials are the first to have this done to prepare for Fusion compatibility.  

Can’t wait to go back next year – 2013 dates September 22, 2013 - September 26, 2013 - Boss?