Blog | Jan 7, 2015

Oracle ERP Assessments: Time for a Health Check?

Oranizations across various industries and size across the globe continue to invest in and expand their ERP application  footprint. This work with its incremental spend supports mission critical initiatives such as; 1) Upgrades, 2) Deploying New  Applications and 3) Managing a changing business landscape, such as acquired companies, divesting lines of business, new  country rollouts, adopting best practices/processes, migrations to shared service centers and MSP’s among others. All this,  concurrent with the attempt to incorporate these changes within your existing enterprise wide application (ERP) platform, remains  a challenge.

So how do you start? What are the key elements to consider in order to complete these daunting tasks and be set up for success, within an Oracle ERP environment?

The Oracle Application Landscape

11i, R12, Fusion –
the vast majority of current Oracle ERP customers typically fit into these 3 categories. First, the 11i Customer.  These customers can most likely map to one (or more) of the following scenarios; 1) Will remain on 11i as long as possible based  on a weak project ROI/ business case, 2) An ERP Upgrade is not currently in the budget, 3) Users know the current applications  (with known shortcomings) and do not have the bandwidth to commit to an enterprise wide project. 

The R12 Customer, can most likely by categorized as 1) Recently (1-3 years) migrated to R12 and have stabilized their  environment, 2) Adopted R12 early and have completed one or more point release upgrades, 3) R12 migration underway.

And finally the Fusion Customer is most likely; 1) Considering a net new Oracle implementation in the next 1-3 years, 2) Considering becoming an “early adopter” with a strong commitment and participation from Oracle, 3) Very large project requiring extensive enterprise wide planning and review.
Whichever scenario fits your organization, supporting your ERP Environment will benefit from an overarching and well documented health check. An Oracle EBS Assessment.

TriCore Solutions is focused on assisting you in the development of a complete assessment to provide the focus, the strategic direction, roadmap and business case development for your Oracle Applications project. TriCore Solutions focuses on a strategic approach to document specific and relevant recommendations based on key findings during the assessment scope of work. The work products of our assessment will provide customers with actionable and robust recommendations across your Oracle Application footprint, including short-term and long-term recommendations along with the quick fixes.

Our business driven assessment focuses on documenting the impact and opportunity across potential improvements/changes. This effort facilitates the continued alignment of technology and business drivers. 

The World Class Organizations utilizing an Oracle EBS (or other) ERP environments, have come to view a well-executed assessment as a critical step in the continual ERP lifecycle. A quick look at the ERP evolution emphasizes the importance of conducting an Oracle EBS Assessment in order to stay in lock step with changing business landscapes and emerging technologies.

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s ERP became recognized as the enterprise wide systems architecture of choice for large complex businesses. Most manufacturing companies at that time were stable with MRPII, Kanban, JIT, Toyota Method, and Lean Manufacturing and realized those benefits, so they readily accept the ERP concept. The late 1990’s were THE ERP Glory Days! ERP was accepted across industries and many companies were learning, planning and budgeting an ERP project to primarily accomplish two things; 1) replace multiple legacy systems and 2) become Y2K compliant. In the early 2000’s, ERP platforms stabilized, businesses focused on learning and utilizing the features and functions of what they’ve implemented, and while many ERP systems were under-utilized – you were Y2K compliant. By the early 2000’s ERP “2.0” happens. Focus and advancements in Social Media, CRM, HRMS, SCM, Project Portfolio Management, mobile technology – all required ERP integration. Oh, and let’s not forget 2002 and SOX! Just as manufacturers blended emerging technologies and processes earlier, the challenge then (and in many cases still today) is; how to deliver additional value and required application integration?

Extending your core Oracle EBS environment to accommodate streamlined and seamless integration is at the top of many CIO’s, CFO’s and Technology / Business Leaders “to do list”. TriCore Solutions addresses this need by working with your organization to develop the road map and strategic plan to deliver an optimized and top performing Oracle ERP Environment. Let TriCore Solutions, LLC be part of your Oracle EBS Assessment and together we will develop your Success Story!

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