Blog | Sep 24, 2013

Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud Solutions - Highlights & Key Practices to Increase ROI

Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud solutions can be leveraged to shed tremendous HR IT costs. In addition these solutions provide more intuitive user interfaces with predictive analytics capabilities thus fostering faster decision making leading to greater end-results.  With Oracle Fusion HCM you can deliver HR analytics and HCM processes to mobile devices like iPhones, iPads etc.  Functions like these are helping to transform the way companies manage their Human Resources processes.

Some of the major challenges around Human Resource Management are employee retention, timely processing of the merit cycle, annual benefits enrollment and overall analytics of data.  Let’s take a look at how Oracle’s Fusion HCM solution can help streamline these challenges.

Return on investment is always a major consideration when making an investment in your company.  Here are some key best practices for HCM solutions that you can utilize to increase your return on investment and lower risks:

Thinking of how HCM would fit within your organization? 
Here is an example of how you can leverage the Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud solution: In Talent Management you know that talent drives the vision of your company. The first step is to employ strong tools to identify the key talent and retain them. You need to capture the entire picture, for instance talent reviews to identify who you have, performance and goal management to see clear direction and then chain all that to rewards and compensation.  Thus you should be able to see how this contributes to your business alignment.  Excellent service, risk management and data ownership are equally critical for your global compliances.  Besides, employees data should be rock solid secure.
So how do you accomplish all of the above?
Oracle HCM Cloud is a globally scalable solution. The product has matured  where you can have it up and running quickly, thus reducing your project investment and helping to achieve a faster ROI.
Human Resource Management is an extremely important part of an organizations structure.  The management of employee data, skill sets, benefits and compensation can be the decision point of solid employee retention or continuous attrition.  With all of the data that needs to be managed, off-line and disparate systems create a laborious and complex process that can lead to mistakes, and the end result is cost to the bottom line.  As your company continues to grow, it might not be a bad idea to take a look at how an integrated solution like Oracle’s Fusion HCM can put you at ease with how your employee data is being managed.  After all, a solid employee base can be the difference between being in the red or being in the black.