Blog | Jun 18, 2013

Outsource your BI?  It’s more of a reality than you might think

Organizations have made significant investment in application software designed to support and improve one or more critical business processes. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Supply-Chain Management (SCM) business application platforms often coexist with legacy applications supporting other business areas. While organizations strategically attempt to standardize applications and processes, most have not successfully reached this end goal. As a consequence, most organizations remain disconnected and in silos at least in part.

Every major BI platform comes with a toolbox of components optimized for certain types of reporting and analytics activities that can be leveraged to pull these ‘silos’ of data together. Consumers look at data in a myriad of ways. BI Platform Vendors must achieve flexibility, product transparency and ease-of-use to ensure widespread BI adoption, but these can be complex to manage and costly to maintain going forward.  As the data grows, so does the need for addition storage, scalability, reporting needs.

The need for the data is not going away.  At the HP Discover event last week in Las Vegas it was discussed that from the beginning of time until 2003 there were a total of 5 Exabyte’s of data created.  Today, that amount of data is created every 12 hours!  Managing this data and putting it in to a solid reporting solution is growing more important every day and finding innovative ways to make it happen have never been needed more. 

Wayne Eckerson posted a blog on this very subject with a reference to how TriCore is positioned to be a strategic go-to partner for your BI needs.  Click here to check out his blog and read more on how outsourcing and cloud-based solutions are more realistic than ever before.