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Standard Apps Tier Cloning for E-Business Suite R12.2

R12.2 follows new process of Cloning on Application Tier, it requires selective Components’ backup and Clone from Source FS1 to Target FS1, Target FS1 (RUN fs) to Target FS2 (PATCH fs)
We will cover Single node Apps Tier Cloning in this thread, DB Tier cloning is same as 11i/R12.1

Gather before starting R12.2 Full Cloning process
• Make sure you have enough space available at Source for Backup and Restore/recovery/cloning at Target
• Decide on naming convention like ORACLE_SID, Target System Base directory , Target System Instance Home Directory, Display Value, Port pools, UTL_FILE_DIR
• We will require Apps User password and Weblogic AdminServer password while running appsTier
• Maintain snapshot information
Log in to each Application Tier node as the APPLMGR user, and
run "Update current view snapshot" in AD Administration.

• OS Version and requirement should match between Source and Target
• Apply latest AD, Autoconfig and latest Rapid clone patches

High level Steps to perform R12.2 Full cloning

• Run on db tier
• Take backup of Database Tier using RMAN or conventional  process including RDBMS_TOP
• Restore/recover DB Tier using dbTier
• Run on db tier and apps tier (RUN_BASE) using respective users
echo $FILE_EDITION  This should have output  “run”
As of Release 12.2, the process on the Application Tier creates a complete compressed archive of the Oracle Fusion Middleware and its components as follows:
o A compressed archive of the Oracle WebLogic Server home, Oracle Web Tier Utilities home, Oracle Common Utilities home and the Oracle E-Business Suite home:
o A compressed archive of the Oracle E-Business Suite Weblogic domain:
o The Oracle E-Business Suite Weblogic domain's configuration template:
o A compressed archive of the Oracle Web Tier/Oracle HTTP Server configuration instance:
o The Oracle HTTP Server configuration instance's configuration template:
• For FULL Cloning we require backup of
o <OracleAS Tools 10.1.2 ORACLE_HOME>

• Restore backup taken above at target

• Run on apps Tier as show below
cd /u01/app/appdi/DR122I/fs1/EBSapps/comn/clone/bin
./ appsTier
Do you want to add a node (yes/no) [no] :
Target System File Edition type [run] :
Provide the values required for creation of the new APPL_TOP Context file.
Target System Hostname (virtual or normal) [<ServerName>] :
Target System Database SID : DR122I
Target System Database Server Node [<ServerName>] :
Target System Database Domain Name [<DomainName>] :
Target System Base Directory : /u01/app/appdi/DR122I
Target System Instance Home Directory [/u01/app/appdi/DR122I] : /u01/app/appdi/DR122I
Target System Instance Top set to /u01/app/appdi/DR122I/fs1/inst/apps/DR122I_<ServerName>
Do you want to preserve the Display [<ServerName>:0.0] (y/n)  : n
Target System Display [nsmltcstrg02:0.0] : nsmltcstrg02:2.0
Target System Root Service [enabled] :
Target System Web Administration [enabled] :
Target System Web Entry Point Services [enabled] :
Target System Web Application Services [enabled] :
Target System Batch Processing Services [enabled] :
Target System Other Services [enabled] :
Target System Port Pool [0-99] : 12
Choose a value which will be set as APPLPTMP value on the target node [1] :

  -    100% completed      

Completed Apply...

Do you want to startup the Application Services for DR122I? (y/n) [n] : y

All enabled services for this node are started. Exiting with status 0
• Now we need to Clone RUN FS to PATCH FS
• Source Environment variable file at newly cloned RUN File System
• Run on RUN File system
• Copy Run File system to patch file system under FS2 (Assuming FS2 as Patch file system)
• Run appsTier on Patch File System
cd <COMMON_TOP>/clone/bin appsTier
Enter the APPS password :
Enter the Weblogic AdminServer password :
Do you want to add a node (yes/no) [no] :
Target System File Edition type [run] : patch
Target System Port Pool [0-99] : 13
Choose a value which will be set as APPLPTMP value on the target node [1] :

   |    100% completed      

Completed Apply...
Looking for incomplete CLONE record in ad_adop_session_patches table
The CLONE record status is BACKUP-FMW-HOME

Updating incomplete CLONE record to COMPLETED
• Create soft link at $HOME for users to source FS1 or FS2 Environment
• This concludes Full Standard Cloning process for E-Business Suite Release 12.2

If you are trying to reclone or ORACLE_HOME already registered in Inventory - you may need ot unregister ORACLE HOMEs before Cloning  you can execute the following command to unregister or detach that Oracle Home:
$ ./runInstaller -detachhome
ORACLE_HOME=<Oracle Home Location>
For Example:
$ cd $FMW_HOME/oracle_common/oui/bin
$ ./runInstaller –detachhome
ORACLE_HOME=<Oracle Home Location>
In addition to the un registration process, ensure to delete the FMW_HOME directory structure.


For de-registering <FMW_HOME>/Oracle_EBS-app1:
<FMW_HOME>/Oracle_EBS-app1/oui/bin/ -jreLoc
For re-registering <FMW_HOME>/Oracle_EBS-app1:
<FMW_HOME>/Oracle_EBS-app1/oui/bin/ -jreLoc

I hope this Blog was informative for your next R12.2 Clone, we will discuss about other features of R12.2 in next Blog
Please go through Reference Material listed below to get detail Cloning Process before starting Clone

Reference: Cloning Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 with Rapid Clone (Doc ID 1383621.1)
Oracle® E-Business Suite Setup Guide Release 12.2 Part No. E22953-09