Blog | Mar 20, 2013

Supporting a Desktop Infrastructure?  Look at a VDI solution

Providing a solid and secure desktop environment for your end users comes with its share of challenges.  It would be nice to think you can provide a desktop infrastructure that comes with a low cost and low level of maintenance and support, but is that reality?  And what about those end users that are on the road or working remotely?  The days of everyone being in the same office together are quickly becoming less of a reality, so how can you provide that same level of security, maintenance, compliance and support in this increasingly ‘telecommuting’ world?  Let’s consider what the challenges are.

CAPEX:  In order to provide a solid desktop environment for your end users requires the cost of purchasing the right hardware for everyone.  In addition to the initial hardware costs there is the time and effort required to set up the laptop, configure with the appropriate firewall and security, load any required applications and then you have upgrade considerations.  What happens when the laptops begin to age?  Do you upgrade everyone?  What is that cost?  What is the effort to get each user migrated to their new laptop?  What resources do you need to make all of this happen successfully?

Security:  Companies want to make sure security and control for the enterprise desktop infrastructure is not compromised.  But how do you manage that across so many individual devices?  What about remote locations?  Resources traveling on the road?   

Contractors/Temporary Users:  Many companies have the consideration of temporary or seasonal employees (intern programs, etc).  They also may have a steady stream of contractors to assist with key business initiatives that are being worked on.  This creates additional cost and complexity for managing these scenarios, from providing devices, security, connectivity, maintenance, VPN, etc.

Here is a sample image of a VDI structure:

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At the end of the day, it would be great to have a centralized location where you can provide the true Desktop experience to your business users, whether full-time, part-time, temporary, on-site or remote.  This would allow you to control CAPEX, Security and access to the required applications and quickly ‘spin up’ new desktops and assign them within just a few minutes, all from a centralized web portal.  In addition, they can access the same desktop from any device.  Whether it is a Dell laptop in the office, a MAC at home or a smartphone while on the road, the same desktop access and security is accessible.

This is why, before looking at your next major desktop infrastructure upgrade, consider going to the cloud with a VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) solution.  Save your CAPEX expense and move to a DaaS solution.  It provides the same true desktop experience, provides the same, if not better, security and compliance and provides easier flexibility to ramp up or down based on your needs.