Blog | Feb 11, 2013

Trends for Hyperion

Since Oracle acquired Hyperion in 2007, TriCore has expanded service offerings in all things Hyperion.  Hyperion has been around for over 25 years with both a flagship BI and OLAP product (Hyperion BI System and Essbase) in addition to a market leading Financial Budgeting and Planning product set.   The Hyperion BI product was further enhanced with Hyperion’s acquisition of Brio and more recently some components have been included within OBIEE, Oracle’s Flagship BI product.   

 hyperion picture

Typically, Hyperion EPM Suite which includes the flagship Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting and Consolidation has been implemented by specialty consultants and managed by Finance because of the limited user base within an organization.  In recent years, many finance departments have asked internal  IT organizations to support and manage the Hyperion EPM Application.  Over time, there tends to be a disconnect between the internal knowledge base and external support needs.  For instance, when a new release or upgrade is needed (e.g. Hyperion EPM System 9 upgrade to system 11) there is major reliance on external providers due to the limited internal technical skill-set.  


As a result, there tends to be a need for a longer-term managed support relationship on an ongoing basis - an organization that understands your environment while keeping you informed of the upcoming product milestones.  TriCore began supporting Hyperion EPM Environments for their clients both from new development, implementations and ongoing managed support.  Hyperion deployments are unique in that requirements are three-fold: technical, functional and financial.   Due to the mission critical nature of the application with financial implications, there are justifications for developing an ongoing manage service relationship.