Data Warehouse as a Service

Many organizations express interest in better understanding their data and how it can impact their business but many are still in the infancy of adopting a data strategy.  In addition to exploring the basic fundamental questions organizations should be asking:

• Do you have success criteria, how will you judge success?
• Do you have business requirements and who owns them?
• Is there an Executive Business Sponsorship?
• Do you have the appropriate resources to deliver and support this initiative?
• Do you have the ability to support the data long term?
• How many projects like this has your team executed?
• Did you know most of these projects fail and why they fail?
We will also address the other questions that enter the equation now:
• Do you want/need scalability and flexibility to store, process and leverage data?
• Will you store your data on premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment?
• And does the SaaS model change the data footprint?
• How does big data factor into your strategy?

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Brian Jordan, VP of Sales, TriCore Solutions