Whitepaper: Review of the Birst Business Intelligence Suite for Dashboards, Reporting and Analysis

Birst provides the first complete Business Intelligence (BI) suite that is purpose-built for the cloud, combining the economic benefits of the cloud with the freedom to choose where you host your data: on site or in the cloud.

Traditional business intelligence solutions require expensive software purchases, long implementation cycles, and costly maintenance. Unfortunately, they also offer disappointing results, since the high cost and inflexibility severely limits the system’s ability to serve ever-evolving business needs effectively. As a consequence, complete BI solutions are limited to the few large companies that can afford it.

The Birst Business Intelligence suite was designed and developed from the ground up to satisfy the requirements of all types of organizations, small and large.

The purpose of this paper, intended for an IT, developer and administrative audience, is to provide a technical overview of the Birst BI suite including a description of the design philosophy, platform architecture and components
and the BI suite capabilities.